Friday, July 31, 2009

A date! A date!

We've been trying for so long to go on a date. First, Ryan was working 20-hour days for 6 weeks, so we couldn't go out then. Then we were on our trip to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. Any weekend that seemed likely was shot down by camp outs. Then Ryan lost his job. And then there were more campouts. Our anniversary was May 11, but we didn't go out to celebrate until last night!

That almost didn't happen, either, because I couldn't find a babysitter. Two girls I called are in the middle of helping to move their families. Another likely family (with 5 teenagers!) is so busy (as you can imagine) that it's hard to get them on the phone. I finally got a hold of a girl yesterday, just hours before we wanted to leave, and she said yes.

I have been planning on taking Ryan to Tucanos, a Brazilian rodizio-style restaurant. Ryan likes the all-you-can-eat meat, and I like the succo de maracujá (passion fruit juice), arroz e feijão (rice and beans), and pão de queijo (cheesy bread puffs). But although it was a Thursday, the restaurant was packed and had a 45 minute wait! I guess the restaurant is just too new. The Boise location opened not too long ago.

So we went to Red Robin instead, because we were also going out to celebrate my birthday. We always go to Red Robin on our birthdays! It's a pretty cheap date, ~$10 for both of us to have big burgers, bottomless fries, and a free birthday sundae. We ate until we hurt!

Because it was a double-duty date (birthday and anniversary), and because we owe ourselves about 6 months worth of date-nights, went all-out and saw Harry Potter in the full-priced theater!

Thank you for all your book suggestions, but apparently I need to reread the Half-Blood Prince. I couldn't remember half of what was going on in the movie! And then I couldn't remember reading the 7th book. I couldn't remember if I owned it, even! (I do.) So I've got two very thick books to reread before I start on the lists you gave me!

It was so great to go out, but as I told Ryan this morning, it was like handing somebody a Dixie cup of water when you've just rescued them from the Sahara. I need MORE of this! More freedom from being constantly responsible for the boys, 24/7. More having fun with Ryan instead of just bucking up when he's working late or gone on campouts. It was nice.

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Kat said...

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry I wasn't able to call you on it. We got really busy, and then Jane, Brian and the kids came and stayed at our house for a couple days. So, I have not stopped till just now. LOL :) I hope you liked the movie. We still need to go see it. I love your new tripod/gorilla thing. It looks awesome! Love you!