Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much to report

It just seems like there isn't much to report lately.

We're trying to sell my Jeep. I just signed up the boys for 3 more weeks of swimming lessons (starting tomorrow). We're out of milk and tortillas, so we have to go to Sam's Club tomorrow. See, big stuff!

  • Ryan's new office is really big, with a nice big desk, so I'm trying to get it looking nice. We're framing documents and awards, hanging licenses and diplomas, looking for a big poster of Arizona to remind Ryan of home. He needs a bookshelf and some fake plants. I found a "fakus" (fake ficus) at D.I. for a whopping $3 and yesterday turned the hose on its dusty leaves. It took some rearranging of the leaves to get it looking better than shabby, but I think I did it.
  • I had to call my first Code Adam on Zach yesterday. Cabella's is a bad place to lose a kid, I tell you! there aren't any big, wide aisles, so you can't see very far. And there are lots of hiding places. Yes, he's run off many times before, but I've never actually had to call a Code Adam. Stinker!
  • Also at Cabella's, the boys got a good dose of grossness when they fed the big trout and catfish with live goldfish and worms, little pellets, and some unfortunate kind of silver fish that had been severed. They were grossed out and captivated at the same time. Hopefully that dose of gross will tide them over for a while so they won't creat their own grossness at home.
  • And Ryan's getting ready for his 2-week canoeing trip to the Northern Tier. We're trying to plan things to do to keep ourselves (okay, to keep me) from going insane while Dad's gone. Swimming lessons, McDonald's every Tuesday for half-price Happy Meals, free summer movies at the cheap theater....and I'm open to any other suggestions you may have to offer!


Erin said...

They have free summer movies at the 'expensive' theater, too... Regal does a free summer movie program.

The Wright Spot said...

You have more to report than I do! It sounds like you have had a great summer of swim lessons. My kids start today for two weeks of lessons. Lizzy already knows how to swim, it is just something to do for the final weeks before school. Does Jared start Kindergarten this year? I hope that you are feeling well with your pregnancy.

Kika+Trevor said...

hey don't feel bad about coding for Zach at Cabellas, I usually have to code for TREVOR and he is what, 25 years old! hello!! ahahahah

thanks for visiting and posting, I updated on what my dr recommended. lets try that and see what happens... and good luck to us! :)

te amo!