Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet-The-Teacher Night

Zach got a treat tonight, a babysitter all to himself! That's because Ryan and I took Jared to meet his kindergarten teacher and see his new classroom.
Check out his teacher's last name! She says to call her "Mrs. G" instead. (I didn't notice that his eyes were closed or I'd have taken another picture)

This is Jared by his cubby. His backpack and coat will go on the bottom, and schoolwork on the top, where his name is. Jared is in afternoon kindergarten, so another kid (Jordan) will use the cubby in the morning.
This is Jared's seat!
He was rather hyper, and very excited.

Here is Jared with his new teacher. She sure looks like a nice person!

Parents had lots of papers to fill out, including a summary of interests and academic strengths. I thought it rather funny that while we were in the classroom, several parents started to panic because they realized they didn't know what time the afternoon session started. Nowhere in any of the paperwork does it say what time to get your kid there! I happened to know the answer because I scoured the district website. Even so, I only found the time by clicking on something accidentally. How's that for communication?

Jared was rather upset when we said it was time to leave. His classroom has a kitchen, groceries, shopping cart, fake money, books, blocks, and puzzles. It took some major redirecting to get him out the door without a major meltdown. It's reassuring to know that he's excited to go and I doubt there will be tears Monday morning!

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Kat said...

I'm so excited for him. He is going to have a blast!