Thursday, September 03, 2009

Halloween already!

While Jared was at school Zach and I ran some errands. We ended up with some extra time and were right next to one of our favorite thrift shops.

My mother-in-law got me thinking about Christmas, and how I really should get that all done really early this year, so I thought I'd look for some awesome toys for the boys. But I walked into a Halloween Extravaganza! I suppose it makes sense. I mean, although it's almost 2 months away, it is next month.

Just for fun, I searched the costume rack and found two likely costumes for Zach (Jared is far too old for me to choose something for him--he wants to choose!) and we headed for the dressing room. I asked Zach which one he wanted to try on first, the dragon, or Buzz Lightyear. He said dragon. So we put it on, and it is so cute! This must have been an expensive costume, because it is puh-lush! And I couldn't get it off Zach again. He refused to try on Buzz, even, and I could only get him to take it off when we got back out to the van (he didn't want to sit on its tail). He got lots of compliments on it as we walked around the store.

Once again, thrift stores simplify my Halloween. I don't have to sew and my kids look great!

Jared hasn't decided what he wants to be, except that he changed his mind and doesn't want to be Alpha Pig anymore (the boys decided to be Super Why and Alpha Pig on November 1 last year). He thinks he might want to be a dragon-slaying knight. Cool!


Lora said...

I got the materials to make Brynlee's costume today. She is going to be a lady bug!! I was a dragon in Kindergarten. What can I say, I had 3 older brothers.

Kat said...

What? No pictures? LOL :) Caden told us today that he wants to be Mario, and daddy can be Luigi, I can be Daisy, and Brinley can be Princess Peach. I think he likes Mario just a little.

Anonymous said...

Matt was a Knight last Halloween and we wanted Alex to be a Dragon but they don't make preemie sized costumes. But it's such a cute idea!!

Erin said...

A dragon AND a dragon slaying knight? Hmmm... sibling rivalry?

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

That is great all three of mine are dragons this year. Its seems to be Kalebs favorite costume. It wasn't until my mom ordered Kalebs dragon costume that I thought I should have Seth a dragon Anna a princess and kaleb a knight. Oh well maybe we will still do that for one of the many Halloween parties I am sure we will attend? Anna was going to be a dragon since I already had the one from Kaleb in her size. Then we went to the store and she saw the halloween costumes and said "I want to be a princess" I just reminded her of her dragon costume and steered clear from the princess costumes.