Sunday, January 31, 2010

2 Months/9 Weeks

Luke turned 2 months old yesterday, and will turn 9 weeks old tomorrow! And just to celebrate, we went to church. It was his second time, but the first time to stay past Sacrament Meeting.

Luke is getting fun and cuter all the time. He smiles most when we make eye contact with him, and Ryan likes to speak for him by saying, "I made you look at me!" He really does seem to be trying to catch our attention, and when he does, he works hard to not lose it again. He goos and smiles as hard as he can, and just eats it up when we talk to him.

And then the other 90% of the time he just chills, eats, sleeps and poops.

He slept all through Sacrament Meeting, then went to Sunday School with Ryan while I tried to get Zach happy going to Sunbeams. The moment the closing prayer was over, he said, "I don't like going to Primary. I want to go to Nursery!" Who can blame him? Nursery has toys!

I went in and sat next to Zach while the Primary sang a happy birthday song to Jared, then Zach let me leave. I got to Sunday School just in time for Ryan to hand a hungry Luke to me and head out the door again. Luke and I made it back to the Sunday School room just as class was letting out. I missed it completely. But then I was set for Relief Society. And Luke spent that on someone else's lap.

I took pictures of Luke yesterday, but I'm not satisfied with them. He was in a mellow, not a happy mood, so I didn't capture his emerging personality. And by the time he started acting happy, a storm had rolled in and robbed me of my light source. So we'll try again, maybe tomorrow.

Here are the pictures I salvaged from the shoot:

And here are a few more.


Emily said...

Glad to hear my Sunbeam isn't the only one who doesn't like Primary!!! LOL He is also leaving his little brother behind in nursery so that makes it harder too. I kept telling him,"Only little kids go to nursery. Big boys go to Primary!" He kept saying,"I'm a little kid, I'm a little kid!" After the first Sunday he went to Primary I asked him if he like it and he said,"NO, it's just singing and talking!" LOL..... VERY cute pictures by the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable. I like the last one on your blog the best :)

Kat said...

You seriously are so talented. :) I wished you lived closer to us! Miss you tons!