Saturday, March 27, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Our ward had an Easter Egg Hunt this morning! We thought it was at 10:30, but decided we'd better look it up at 9:50. Oops, it was at 10, and we were still in our jammies! Then I realized that I haven't gotten our Easter stuff out, so I had to dig out the boxes and pick through them until I found their baskets. I think we'd better decorate the house today!The boys really aren't great at Easter egg hunts. I think it's the mad dash and the free-for-all grabbing. Hopefully this means I've taught them to have more decorum. But probably not. But they had some fun and got their allotted 10 eggs.
Zach was surprised to open his first egg and find candy inside. I guess he doesn't remember from last year. I hope he doesn't try to open the real eggs again this year!

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