Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Our Latest Acquisition

Yesterday, I took a big parenting step: I signed up my first child for a school music program!
Jared's school only has an orchestra, so he could only choose violin, viola, cello, or bass.
We went and rented his violin today.

Jared has been looking forward to this for a whole year!

And of course, his brothers were curious and had to try it out.
Zach tries out Jared's newly rented violin.

We rented it from this funny little "mom" shop with odd furniture and strange decorations, like a fake fireplace with old-fashioned boot-clad feet coming out of it. In a cute way. 
We walked in and there was another boy from Jared's class in there already. Then, while we waited, another family came in.

It's a good thing we got there the moment we did, because there were only two 1/2 size violins left, and both families in the store needed one. Because we came in first, Jared got to choose which of the two he wanted. The owner played them for us, and we chose one. Turns out it is brand-stinkin'-new!  
Even Luke (who is 2) tried it out!

She gave a little "care and feeding of violins" class and I filled out paperwork. We bought a neck rest for $15 and a lesson book for $7, and along with first month's rent, it was $32. I couldn't believe how inexpensive it is! And it's rent-to-own, with size exchanges, restringing, and other services included. I'm not sure how fast kids grow, but technically, we could end up trading this 1/2 sized violin in for a 3/4 sized, then again for a full-sized, and in 3 years own a full-sized violin. But I doubt Jared will be fully grown in 3 years, so we'll just see how it goes.
I know practically nothing about violins, but I think Jared looks like a natural!

Jared is super excited for his first orchestra class this Friday!
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