Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving in Oregon

Thanksgiving itself doesn't get many pictures. I mean, a table full of food isn't terribly interesting.

So I'll have to share the pictures of our whole Thanksgiving trip to Oregon instead!

We visited my friend, Mandy, her family, and her menagerie. First is Maya, who used to freak out around intruders, but now she's a living teddy bear! She cuddled up with Zach.

And this is the new puppy. She's huge already, and watch out after she's had a drink. We dubbed her Droolzilla until she gets a permanent name.

The missionaries came over for dinner, and the American kestrels came out, too. They have three right now, two rehab birds and one they just trapped for falconry.

One Elder wanted a turn.
It's strange to see a wild bird by objects like these!

Zach got a turn with a glove and kestrel.
Jared was patient. He had to wait until the next night for his turn to hold a bird.

And this is the one and only photo of food, a quick, last-minute attempt to make a turkey out of our veggie tray. People on Pinterest have done much better, but it was more fun than just piles of carrots!

We got back from our trip the day before Thanksgiving. I feel like it's time to move on to Christmas, but almost everyone else is going to wake up to a parade on tv and a morning of cooking! So happy Thanksgiving!
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