Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Greedy Thrift Stores!

I've just returned from an unsuccessful day of shopping. I went to two thrift stores (Savers and Idaho Youth Ranch) and Other Mothers (a used children's store).

Savers wanted $10 for their used greenery arrangements. You know, the kind that cost $12 at Walmart new. They're dusty and missing some leaves, but I could work with it. Not for almost retail, though!

Idaho Youth Ranch wanted $18 for a 10" tin star. I paid $15 for a 36" tin star at Craft Warehouse! They also wanted $3.50 for a bag of PolyFil stuffing, which is $1.99 at Walmart.

Then I went to Other Mothers, hoping to find a decent-priced play yard. I've been looking on Craigslist for weeks now, but they're all ugly. My SIL, Lora, loves hers because it has a full-sized bassinet, and it's only $60 at Baby's R Us. So I've been looking for one of those. Other Mothers had a once fancier Pack 'N Play, but the previous owner had lost all the extras, so it was exactly the same as the $60 ones. It was cute, but they were asking $59.99.

At all the stores I decided to bring up this apparent problem. Of course, everyone said they have no control over the prices. I said fine, just pass along the info. I even asked Other Mothers how they price everything, and they said they sell things for 50% off retail. So Other Mothers shoppers, know your prices because I didn't see anything that was 50% off!

The only silver lining is that we found a doll stroller for $3, and it's NOT PINK! The boys have always loved pushing strollers, and want to push Baby Jesus around. I've been looking for a doll stroller since Zach could walk, but they've ALL been pink!!! Baby Jesus is sitting in the stroller right now. I think he's going to be going lots of places with us!


The Brownies said...

you should look @ Kids again. It's new and it near hastings here in Meridian. There prices are wayy better than Other Mothers! good luck

Emily said...

My mom and I always have long conversations about how thrift store prices are outrageous! What really makes me mad is that there are families out there shopping at thrift stores because they really don't have money to buy new clothing, etc. I just hope they know they can go to Walmart or other stores and buy new clothes for the same price!!
PS: We have some friends who gave us some of their furniture and home items because they are moving...I'm already WAY excited to paint and "make over" a lot of the stuff! I know you love doing that.... have any great websites you like for inspiration?

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

Cherie said...

The economy rears its ugly head even in the thrift stores.