Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy 24th!

Today we had a Stake 24th of July breakfast to celebrate when the pioneers finally reached the Salt Lake Valley. They had a live band playing pioneer-era music. They were good and it was fun to hear. Zach eventually pulled his hands off his ears (although the music wasn't very loud) and enjoyed it, too.

Zach out-ate us in pancakes, I think. Then the boys ran around the huge field next to the old Stake Center. We're lucky it was over at 9:30, it was getting hot! Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the year, hitting 104. Yikes!

Ryan mowed the lawn when we got home, then we got our Jeeps washed (so I can sell mine) and helped Ryan get moved into his new office. He likes me to help him figure out where to hang his diplomas and licenses. Then we got pizza and went swimming at 8 pm. It was still pretty hot then! We got the boys to bed way too late. What a busy day! I hope we can all get up for church tomorrow!

1 comment:

Cherie said...

In that 3rd picture your boys look like twins!
At first I thought you did a photoshop trick or something but the tip off was the different sized shoes - LOL :D
Our Stake does do great breakfasts!