Friday, August 07, 2009

Autumn is visiting

The weather is crazy this week! Wednesday it was hot and sunny, 98 degrees. We went to the splash pad, and I was so hot I ran through the sprayers every 10 minutes or so, fully clothed.

Yesterday we woke up to mild thunderstorms and cool air.

But today, it's 3 pm, 55 degrees, and has rained all day long!

We all started out wearing long pants. Jared and I are still wearing them, but despite his step forward (not peeing in underwear anymore), it seems that not peeing while wearing pants or shorts is going to be yet another step we have to take, one at a time. I suppose I could put the whole box of pants on him and wash them all as he pees them. After all, they've been in that box for a long time and I need to wash them, anyway! Hmmm....not a bad idea!

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