Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lots of fun stuff to do!

The boys and I have been trying to figure out when to do all the fun things we've thought up to do while Ryan's gone. Today was hot, tomorrow's not, so we hit the splash pad today after swimming lessons. Zach insisted repeatedly that he did not want to go to the splash pad, but when I asked him if he knew what a splash pad was, he said, "I 'unno." In the end, he was the last one running in the water. He loved it! It was a great way to spend a few hours today!

Then we came home and relaxed for a while, ate a late dinner, and headed for the Discovery Center's "Space Days." We got information about special activities both from the Discovery Center (science museum of which we are members) and from Ryan's Scouting acquaintance who is part of the Boise Astronomical Society (BAS). At dusk every night this week, BAS volunteers set up telescopes for star gazing in the Discovery Center's parking lot.

We headed out a bit early, leaving about an hour to play at a nearby park before dusk, since we'd be there anyway. When we got there, we caught the tail end of a propulsion engineer's presentation about bottle rockets. That was fun, then we played at the playground until it began to get dark. We kept checking for cars to show up in the parking lot, hoping they'd set up the telescopes soon. Then the boys clamored for food, so we made a quick trip to the grocery store across the street for some bananas and treats. When we came out again, the parking lot was still deserted.

We gave up and ate our bananas on the drive home. After all, it was 9:40! I'm so glad drove all the way to Boise and kept the boys up late just so we could go to that particular playground and buy bananas!

Thankfully, Zach fell asleep right before we got home, so he was quite easy to put to bed!

P.S. I almost forgot! I knew I would, so I set the things out before we left. I am giving myself a pedicure tonight, baby! It sounds so wonderfully girly...

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Kika+Trevor said...

hmm I like the idea of eating bananas and then having a pedicure, but I still can't reach my toes :(