Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yearly Photo Shoot

I have a goal to take photos of the boys every year. If I have a camera like I have, I'm not going to take them to the Walmart photographer!

I staked out a likely photo spot back in May or so, but evening light is the best, and every evening this Spring there was a thunderstorm. And then evening light got later and later until it was 10 pm, so we had to wait out the summer solstice. We finally got our chance last night!

When we finished and were driving home, I dreaded looking at the pictures. The boys really aren't very cooperative. That's one advantage of taking them to Walmart; they'd bend over backwards to do whatever the nice lady asks them to do. But mom gets pouts, grimaces, and goofy faces.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I looked through the photos and found some good ones! Here they are! And when I say "good" I mean relatively good. I would rather have captured the cute smiles I see on their faces every day, but I'll take what I can get!

(click on the images to see them larger)

(below) This one is very serious, but it's very "Zach." He is a goofball nut job, but he's quite serious most of the time.

(below) I was so excited to find old tires behind the shop, because the boys finally started having fun. And Jared came up with most of the poses all on his own, which, are, of course, the best kind because they're more natural.

(below) How great are these palettes (or whatever they are?) I had no idea so many wonderful junky things were hidden from street view. We really hit the jackpot! (if you like the industrial grungy look, which I do. Besides, it was dirty and involved climbing=perfect for boys!)

(below) See what I mean about faces? If he'd just looked at me and didn't look like he'd rather be anywhere else, this picture would be awesome.

And last of all, here's my favorite!

I think I'll post some outtakes so you can see the photos that didn't make the cut. Only then can you appreciate what I have to work with!


Anonymous said...

Great location! The pictures turned out really nice. Now I am thinking it's time for new family photos....

Giggles said...

These are great!

Melanie and Monkeys said...

good job.

Cherie said...

I think they all turned out adorable and I love the last one too!

Kat said...

Those pics are seriously awesome. You are so good!