Monday, August 10, 2009

Update on my last post...

Despite putting away all art supplies, I awoke to four nearly-identical renditions of dalmations. One had no spots (this is Oddball) and one had a black-tipped tail (Dipstick). The two others look pretty much the same to me. Jared didn't attempt to write the dogs' names (which is surprising), but at the top of each page, it says "102," the "2" being backwards.

Actually, the dogs look more like cows with Mickey Mouse heads, but he gets an A for effort! Besides, he kept it Disney, right?

And thankfully, he didn't put them on my sleeping face. Zach snuck into my bed in the wee hours, hogging the bed and forcing me to sleep on Ryan's empty side. So when Jared delivered my drawings, my pillow was vacant. I guess he was too lazy to walk around the bed? Whatever, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth!

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