Thursday, August 13, 2009


As promised, here's a link to some outtakes, photos that didn't make the cut and get processed via Photoshop. Some are just funny, some are cute but not really portrait-ey, and I threw in quite a few to show you how utterly frustrating it was to try to get these two boys to look at me. I didn't even try for smiles, just eye-contact!

Of course, I've learned not to ask Jared to smile. He can't do it naturally when asked to do so. He pulls out his "bunny teeth" face if I ask him to smile. And then I try to get him to relax and smile naturally by doing something funny, but he overreacts and does this fake laughing-his-head-off thing, mouth gaping wide and head thrown back.


And then Zach invented a new face to pull, just for the occasion. A few days out, it's easier to laugh at it. But at the moment, I thought I'd scream!

Nice, huh? I have about 15 of those on film.

The point of taking these pictures is to avoid going to Target (never had a good picture there!) or a similarly mediocre studio, because I just can't be satisfied with the photos. And I can't justify the expense of paying someone to do it.

I wish I could find somebody to trade with. I could shoot their kids, they could shoot mine. Wait. that sounded bad. But the kids behave better for strangers, and maybe someone else's kids would behave better for me?

Anyway, enough rambling, here's the link.


Kat said...

I'd trade you! Although, I can guarantee that your pictures would turn out better than mine. :) You are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Matt gives us the weirdest smile everytime with half closed eyes.


I am with you, I am happy with just eye contact most days!