Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We made it!

Ryan surprised us by getting home at ~7 last night. When he left, he thought he'd be back late, so the boys didn't expect to see him until morning. Man, they just talked and talked his ear off until I managed to get them into bed!

We survived the two weeks without him with only minor mishaps. Like the vacuum threatening to burst into flame (but I seem to have fixed it) and a quart of black paint spilled on the kitchen floor. And he survived his trip with only minor (but more costly) mishaps. Like when he watched his prescription glasses sink to the bottom of the lake he was canoeing, a fate also shared by his Swiss Army Knife. But he fared better than the other half of his group, who is still stuck in Minnesota with car trouble!

We had lots to show and tell him about our time apart, such as our pumpkin that is growing at a freakish rate, the newly-painted walls and furniture (I mopped the black paint off the kitchen floor and directly onto an end table with a paper towel), and Zach's potty-training chart. The prize for filling up all the squares with stickers is going camping with Daddy, so Zach and Ryan are both pretty excited about that.

Ryan found his old pair of eyeglasses and just left to go back to work. He's desperate for a home-cooked meal after all the camp food and fast-food on the way back, so we'll cook something yummy tonight and then we're going to the cheap movies (which are EXTRA cheap on Tuesday nights!) to see Night at the Smithsonian with the boys.

Then maybe life will slow down for a little bit before Jared starts school in 2 weeks!

I'm sure we'll have pictures from Ryan's camera, and I promise, I'll get around to taking pictures of my house. Eventually!

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