Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bubble-Wrap the Boy!

This past week has been a tough one for poor Zachy. He seems bent on self-destruction!

It started last Friday, when he was goofing off in the bathroom and fell between the toilet and the bath tub. That simultaneously banged both sides of his head. He got a big puffy purple eyebrow, which then became a black eye. Amazingly, it looks like he has eyeshadow on, which insanely makes him even prettier (is it okay to say my baby boy is pretty?)

The next day, he and Jared collided while playing and he got a bloody nose.

Sunday, we were all ready for church except Zach, who was only in his skivvies. I was about to take him upstairs when he dashed into the downstairs bathroom and started goofing off. He overturned the stepstool and started to cry. I picked him up and then nearly collapsed under his weight, so I set him on the counter and hugged him. He calmed down, so I stepped back and go him a drink. When I looked back, there was blood streaming down his leg, but I couldn't tell where it was coming from because there was blood from his knee down. I put two and two together and, of course, he'd bled all over my dress. I called out to Ryan, "Um, we're gonna be late to church!"

The wound was tiny and easily patched, but I had to wash the blood out of my dress and find another one to wear.

He went several days without incident, but last night he started again (I hope it's not a weekend-only pattern). He was "helping" me make dinner, and asked why the under-glass stove burner turned red. I said it was because it was hot, so don't touch. Then I went to make a salad, just inches away from him. He said, "Oh, now it's cool" and it took too long for my brain to register what he meant. I whipped around to see him touch the burner, right next to the pot of boiling water. The red had gone away, so he thought it had cooled off. Poor kid!

My friend says I need to bubble wrap the boy!

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Kat said...

Poor kid! I think you might need to up the life insurance that you have on him. LOL. Hopefully he will outgrow it.