Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It Finally Happened!

It finally happened. I can't tell the difference between Zach and Jared's clothes!

Jared wears either 5T or XS (4/5) sized shirts.
Zach wears 5T shirts, although a few 4T's still fit

Most of Jared's shorts are 4T.
Zach's shorts are 4T.

Luckily, when the weather turns cooler, Jared wears 5/6 pants, and Zach wears 4T.

And just for fun, I got the boys feet measured yesterday. Jared needs 13 1/2 (or size 2 in kids'). Zach needs size 11.

So if I can't find something for one to wear, I raid the other's closet.

But it sure makes sorting the laundry a real puzzle!

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