Thursday, September 10, 2009

Round 2

I got tired of thinking about my layout for Round 2, so I went ahead and uploaded it. I think it's good enough to make it to the next round, so why keep worrying about it?

As I was reading and re-reading the rules before I uploaded, to make sure I hadn't broken any (it's very easy to do!) and I read something I'd never noticed before. It says not to post my page online anywhere until after the round is over. I'm sure they probably mean other scrapbooking web sites, but just to be sure, I'll just be posting the link instead of an image.

This round, instead of 4 different pages before I decided one was good enough, I only did 3! That's an improvement, right? Maybe next round will only take 2.

Here's the other one I did. I like it just fine, but you'd be surprised how many wild bird photos made it into the Round 2 gallery. It just seemed so similar to so many other pages, I decided to go with the Jeep one instead, to make it stand out a bit more.
I've made it a link to my DSP gallery, so you can read the journaling.

Wish me luck this round!


... said...

Good luck hon!

Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

so how many more rounds are there? doesn't it make you impatient to wait and do another one and wait and do another one and so on? ah i would die! Sou muito impaciente!! :)


ps-- I posted the announcements on my blog!

Kat said...

Good luck! :)