Monday, September 14, 2009

Round 3, here I come!

The results for Round 2 of the Digital Elite Team contest were posted today. I skimmed the list to find my name, but it wasn't there. I'd prepared myself for disappointment, because the competition was really good this time! Ryan was so sweet, telling me I didn't need to worry about making it to Round 3. But there was the list, and my name wasn't on it.

I really was okay with it. I'd love to be on the DET, but I think I'll be pretty busy this Fall and winter without the demands of DET. I made my "concession speech" on the message board, congratulating everyone who went on and saying how it was fun to play.

But then I got a private message through DSP (Digital Scrapbook Place) congratulating me on progressing to Round 3 and giving me the links to download the free supplies we'd be using. Huh? I was so confused. Which one was right, the private message or the public list? I figured I'd accidentally gotten on the mailing list, but replied to the message for clarification.

I spent several tense minutes waiting for an answer. Then a message appeared on the message board saying, "But Susie, you're not done playing!" The girl in charge had accidentally only copied the list of winners up to those starting with "s." After chiding her for being an evil torturess (with a smiley face after that, of course) I let it sink in.

And just for fun, here's the layout that got me in:

P.S. Half the contestants have now been eliminated.


Trevor, Kika, Olivia said...

that is so cool!! and the beloved jeep helped out, that's awesome! congrats :)

Cherie said...

Good job it looks great!