Wednesday, October 21, 2009

40 days? 40 days?!?!

In the Bible, the term 40 days just means "a really long time."

But right now, 40 days doesn't seem like a very long time!

The baby countdown thingy says I have 40 days left to finish sanding the baby's dresser, then stain/polyurethane it (thankfully it's one-step stuff), clean out and then paint the baby's room, and get Zach's room ready for two grown-ups to live in for 2 weeks. I only have 40 days to move the finished dresser upstairs and wash baby clothes and fold them and put them into that dresser. I have just 40 days to make a bunch of freezer meals for those days that I just can't bring myself to cook (both before and after the baby comes). And wow, only 40 days to get almost all of my Christmas shopping done and gifts wrapped, too.

That's not counting all we have to do for Halloween and Thanksgiving, either. Although I think Ryan rather enjoyed my sort of lame Thanksgiving dinner from last year, where the gravy came from a can, the stuffing was StoveTop, and the rolls were Rhodes. Who knows, our mashed potatoes may even be Potato Pearls (instant, just add water) this year! What can I say, I'll be 39 weeks pregnant on Thanksgiving Day.

Just 40 more days....

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Cherie said...

What an exciting time. A new baby on the way is always so fun. I hope you are feeling good.
It sounds like you have alot of energy for being in almost your last month.
Have fun getting ready.