Friday, October 09, 2009

Catch Up

My blog has been painfully empty of photos, and then completely empty!

Busy doesn't begin to describe my life for the past month or so.

Tuesday, Zach started throwing up out of the blue. He wasn't acting or feeling sick at all! That came later, though. I hauled him to take Jared to school, barf bucket right next to him, but he seemed just fine. I thought maybe it was just the vitamin he'd eaten. But I knew something was wrong when we stopped by the library on the way home, and he asked if they had beds there. SO not Zach!

Of course, my first scary thought when he got sick was "Swine Flu!" I've been more worried about that than any other sickness before. What a year for a pandemic! I mean, it's our first year having a kid in school to bring things home, and I'm pregnant. Then I found out that pregnant women are 6 times more likely to die from H1N1, which didn't help my worry.

But Zach only threw up a few more times, never got a fever, and slept it off by dinner time.

Jared got it on Wednesday. It was a little harder on him, and several times I found him laying on the bathroom floor, too weak to get back to the couch.

I got it Wednesday night after the kids were in bed. It was an unpleasant night, but at least I knew the illness was short-lived.

I slept a lot of the day yesterday, then used what energy I had to disinfect doorknobs, keyboards, etc. so hopefully Ryan will be spared.

So that's what's been keeping us busy this week. I feel like 4 days are just gone with nothing to show for it.

I uploaded some pictures, and will post about them, even though they are mostly from September. Here's the first one.
This is SO Zach! He plays, and he plays hard. And then he crashes. He fell asleep in the car, but I didn't want him to sleep. It was close to dinner time, and I didn't want him to stay up all night! So I rudely tried to wake him up and made him walk in from the car. But it didn't work. When we got inside, he spotted the "infield" of the "race track" he and Jared had built in the kitchen, and he immediately dove for the softness. He slept there for hours. We even ate dinner with him sleeping under the table. We didn't tip-toe or keep our voices down. He'd just played that hard!

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