Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Upon his first glimpse of a photo of the Statue of Liberty this week, Zach exclaimed, "It's Moroni!"

At lunch today, he said, "Look mom, I'm hanging upside-down like a monkey!" And he really was! He usually emphatically denies all ties to monkeys, but this time, he finally admitted he's one of them.
(I generally wouldn't draw attention to a mess in my house, but just look at the amount of crumbs that kid generates! And that's from one meal!)

Of course, when I was laying on the exam table while the doctor was listening to the baby's heart today, Zach climbed up on the table with me (that's a first!) The doctor and I both proclaimed him a monkey, to which he gave his usual reply, "No, I'm just a person!"

And on the way home from dropping Jared off at school today, Zach told me, very seriously, that he wants a weed-eater for his birthday.

He's a nutter.

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