Friday, November 06, 2009

R's, L's, and W's

Oh, the problems that your kids face when they learn to spell while they still talk like preschoolers!

I remember this happening with Jared. I'd ask him what letter "lion" starts with, and he sounded it out. "Wuh, wuh, wy-un, wy-un starts with W!"

Uh, no.

Zach has been obsessed with saying his L's clearly. He emphasizes the letter at the beginning and even in the middle of words. And then he gets a little haughty about it, telling us (his parents) that we say Wancaster, but he says, "Llllllancaster." But he still can't say R's to save his life. He may have replaced certain wuh sounds with L's, but he still talks with a little preschooler voice.

So today was quite funny as he looked out the window to watch the rain and said, "When I was a baby, I said wain. But now I say llllllane!" Uh, no, Zach, that would be rrrrrain!

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