Wednesday, December 09, 2009

10 days of Updates

Luke is 10 days old now! He's already changed so much. His puffy, wrinkled newborn face has smoothed out, and he looks a little less like a grumpy old man :) He didn't come with his days and nights mixed up. Well, that's not really true. I think he just sleeps well all day and all night!

I have been feeling great, which is a huge relief after the not-so-great c-section experiences I had before. We came home Wednesday evening, even though I could have stayed 1 or 2 days more.
Coming home, December 2

He doesn't like his car seat at all, and I can't blame him. He looks so squished in there!

Luke is really long and skinny, but he's trying his best to put on some weight. He's got an appetite to rival his big brothers'.

Jared and Zach wanted to have a Birth Day party, so my mom made a cake. Luke wasn't too excited about the party, but it was fun for the rest of us!
Luke's Birth Day party, December 3
Luke amazes us with his strength. He doesn't often lay his head on our shoulder. He leans back and looks around! In the hospital, he got his elbows under him and pushed up.
Master of Head Control, December 5
The boys (including Ryan) surprised me by setting up the Christmas tree while I took a nap one day. Jared and Zach were so excited to decorate it! We had a lot of fun, and nothing broke!
Decorating the tree, December 5
Jared was my big helper for Luke's first bath. Ryan and I thought we had this bath thing figured out. They always scream through their first one, and after that, they like baths. Well, Luke didn't cry much at all, and didn't even whimper for the first few minutes of it!
Luke's first bath, December 5
My mom helped us try to get our first photo of our family of 5. While I was setting up the camera, I snapped this shot. Is it not the pure essence of Zach? He's usually just a blur... I love how snobby Ryan looks, too. Cracks me up.
Attempted family photo, December 6

Jared is a great big brother, and does so well with Luke! He has even fed him a bottle.

Zach doesn't have the attention span to hold Luke for longer than about 20 seconds. But I had to include this picture because Zach picked out this bright orange robot outfit as a Birth Day gift for Luke.

These are just a few of the photos I uploaded to our Picasa album, so stop by and take a look!


Melanie and Monkeys said...

Oh, how cute are these photo? I love them. He looks very alert in the photos too. So adorable. They family looks so happy!

Cherie said...

Congratulations! He is a beautiful baby and I love all his cute blond hair!

You did it - Yahooo!!!!