Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

I finally got around to uploading pictures of our Christmas!

The boys were so excited to track Santa with NORAD radar all day Christmas Eve. Ryan took them geocaching, too, which allowed me to wrap a few last-minute things. After dinner, we set out special cookies for Santa and then went in by the Christmas tree to read and act out the Christmas story. Ryan even got out the video camera. That ought to give us all years of embarrassing memories...
Jared as Joseph and our own real-live baby Jesus!

Then we checked Santa's position on NORAD. He was already to Lexington, Kentucky, where Aunt Lora and Uncle Bryce live! We'd seen how fast he went from Greenland to Peru, so we hurried to get the boys to bed. Ryan read them 'Twas the Night Before Christmas and tucked them in, but of course there was a lot of excitement and wiggles. But when NORAD said that Santa was in Idaho, things got quiet. Then Ryan even heard Santa's sleigh bells! It's amazing how fast Jared fell asleep after that.

We managed another Christmas without an early morning! Luke woke up first at 8 am. I don't think we went downstairs until 8:45!

Stockings are always first, and Santa left the boys markers and candy and activity books. We also noticed that he ate the cookies we left for him. Then we moved to the Christmas tree. Santa brought Jared a set of K'Nex with a MOTOR! that makes a roller coaster. He brought Zach pretend food, probably because he peeked under the wrapping and saw that we'd given him a play kitchen.
Jared also got a telescope and a microscope, and my parents gave them bilingual "laptops." Luke pretty much slept through the whole thing.
I won't bore you with our complete gift list, but it was a wonderful morning. We are so blessed! And of course, our favorite Christmas gift is baby Luke.

Then we called Ryan's dad to ask how to cook the meat for our Christmas dinner. I'm so clueless when it comes to meat! Especially pork, since I seem to have been born without the gene that makes pig palatable. Ryan says it turned out really really good. Yay! While I worked on dinner, the boys worked on building the roller coaster. Jared built the framework all by himself, then enlisted Dad's help to put the track on. Very fun!

There are more pictures with explanations here. Go check 'em out!


Lora said...

Very cute baby Jesus. Brynlee was Jesus at Grandma's this year. Glad you guys had a great Christmas. Jared's coaster looks really fun.

Melanie and Monkeys said...

Such cute photos. Sounds like you had a great Christmas. We did the tracking too. It was fun! Love the new baby's photo on the couch. What a sweet little guy. Aren't you glad you had a boy now? See, they just belong huh?

Kat said...

How fun! Sounds like you had a really fun Christmas. :) I love the roller coaster. And the kitchen sounds awesome.

Lil Lancaster Fam said...

Looks like a fun Christmas! That little Luke is so cute! Ryan looks so relaxed with him. And your baby announcements are so cute. I need to send a package to you guys hopefully I will get that out this week. I have had a hard time making it to a German store. Will you send me you address one more time this time I promise I will save it. I am not sure which boise address I have is right. Thanks!