Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seeing Santa

Saturday was our ward Christmas party. I've never been to a Christmas breakfast before! I still love the atmosphere of a night-time party better, but it was all right. And it turned out to be a fun day, after we finally hauled ourselves out of bed, that is.

We were happily chewing our pancakes when someone announced that a special visitor had come. They opened the curtains on the stage to reveal Santa! Zach immediately said he was full, and not another bite of breakfast passed his lips.

Zach was so excited and hyper while we waited in line! He ran around the gym and got out lots of wiggles.
I don't think Zach actually spoke a word to Santa. He had a very pleased grin on his face, but didn't open his mouth. Before hand, though, he'd told us that he was going to ask for a "money taker-awayer." We still haven't quite deciphered what that means. I think it changes, because one day we thought we'd figured out that it was a vacuum tube like they have at the bank drive-thru. But I think the definition has since changed in Zach's mind.
Jared thought up two toys that he thinks would be cool. We haven't ever seen toys like this, but he figures Santa can make anything, right? So while he sat on Santa's lap, he described a giant robotic, remote-controlled dinosaur and a remote-controlled snake that can climb up walls with suction cups.
We have three boys now, so of course, Luke had to get in on the Santa action.

Luckily, the party was at our Stake center, which is right by Lowe's. We got there just in time to do the Build and Grow Workshop project.

Jared's pretty good at putting the nails in the right place and pounding them in. I did have to help a bit because this project had SO MANY NAILS! Jared got a bit tired of pounding.

Zach, on the other hand, has a different building method; make Daddy do everything! The stinker may not be going back until he shows interest in actually doing the project. Right now he just likes wearing his apron and climbing on the plywood palettes.
Poor Luke was so good the whole time we were there, but was more than ready to go home and have lunch. Then it was hair-cuttin' time. I can't bring myself to cut off any of Luke's Muppet Fuzz, so it was just the three big boys who were shorn.

Last night we caught a Christmas movie on tv while Jared and Zach colored some wooden Christmas tree ornaments. We may bake some more today, because we ran out of sugar cookies and still haven't made cornflake wreaths. And what's Christmas without all the goodies?

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Anonymous said...

I just got caught up with the Lancasters and it sounds like you have been busy! Luke is an adorable little boy who-- I think-- looks so much like his big brothers. Cannot wait to watch him grow!