Monday, May 17, 2010

Readin' Fool

I know I've mentioned that Zach has decided to learn to read. But I haven't really kept you all updated on his progress.

Every night, he pulls out a book from a folder labeled, "Jared's Special Stories." Jared brought that home from kindergarten, but they're completely uninteresting to him. So when he gets a new one to bring home, he is very excited to hand it to Zach so he can read it on the way home from school.

I knew Zach was doing very well, but tonight he threw in a little twist. I was teasing him by holding the book upside-down. After a few giggles, I turned it up again, and it was his turn to tease me. He read the whole thing backwards! Well, sort of. The book goes like this:
I can fix a bed. Tap, tap, tap.
Zach read:
Bed a fix can I. Pat, pat, pat.

But he was just getting into the game. On the next page, he read:
Tep a fix nac I. Tap, tap, tap.
(I can fix a pet. Pat, pat, pat.)

Of course, Jared couldn't be outdone by his little brother, so he wanted a whack at it when I tucked him into bed, too.

Such silly boys!

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