Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Luke's 9 month check up

Zach and I took Luke to his 9 month check up this morning. I had everything planned out so we could drop Jared off at school a tiny bit early, then jet from Eagle (where school is) to Boise (where the doctor is) in time for our appointment. But last night, I got an email "reminding" me (it was the first I'd heard of it) that school now starts 20 minutes late on Wednesdays. Yikes! It threw everything off.

So Ryan offered to take Jared to school for us. It was just me and two boys, which, I must say, is quite wonderful compared to three.

Dr. Keihl saw us in the hallway while Luke was getting weighed, and teased Zach, asking if he was in Fourth Grade yet. Zach rolled his eyes and protested, to which the doctor said, "Well, you're smart enough!"

Dr. Keihl was impressed with Luke's super-strong grip (I think he about yanked his ears off by pulling on his stethoscope), pincer-grip at 6 months, big appetite, and crawling before 7 months. I thought it was funny that he asked me to hold him on my lap during the exam (instead of laying him on the exam table), because "he's awfully wiggly."  And before he left, he said, "He's a smart one. You can just tell by the way he interacts. Chalk up another smart boy for your family!"
That's our boy!

I was surprised that he hadn't heard about Zach's second seizure. I figured the E.R. doctor would have contacted him! He also wrote out a prescription for an inhaler for Jared. Too bad one inhaler costs $33!!! Who knew?

As a side-note, I was wearing a BYU shirt. It's not the first time Ryan or I have worn BYU gear to his office, but this time, the doctor asked if I'd gone there. I said yes, and he said, "Me too!" I knew he'd done his residency in Salt Lake, but after he didn't seem to notice our other BYU paraphernalia, I assumed he was a either a Ute or a random transplant. Now I like him even more!

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