Saturday, November 13, 2010

Now it's Everyone Else's Turn

So after Luke had that bad day with throw-up and a fever, he was fine, although not quite himself. And he got red dots all over his legs and feet! I thought that was weird, because it was nowhere else.

Well, yesterday (Friday), Zach suddenly stopped bouncing off the walls, asked for a blanket, and laid on the couch. And he felt hot. He never threw up, thank goodness. Today he seemed fine, although a bit more subdued than usual. I checked his legs for spots, but he didn't have any. Until bedtime, that is. And he has them around his mouth.

And tonight, Jared and I went on a little shopping date. He started dragging when we were almost done, and then suddenly fell asleep in the car. Now he's got the fever.

So we won't be going to church tomorrow. <>

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Anonymous said...

Hope the boys are better. That's weird about the spots...wonder what they are?