Monday, May 23, 2011

Crazy Hair Day

I was in that half-delirious state of falling asleep when Jared tiptoed in and said, "Mom, tomorrow is Crazy Hair Day." When I woke up the next morning, I wondered if that memory was real. I had to ask him! He assured me that it really was Crazy Hair Day. So I thought real fast and dug through the pantry, trying to think of something to do to his hair!

We tried green Jello powder first. I got his hair wet and dumped the Jello in. Since Jello seems to stain my kids' clothes just fine, I figured it would work great. But when I rinsed, it all came out.  I thought maybe it was the color, or that it was not sugar-free. So I grabbed one of those Hawaiian Punch singles packets, you know, the kind you dump into a bottle of water? It's sugar free and bright red.

We rinsed, but only my HAND was bright red! Not his hair!

We rinsed, but only my HAND was bright red! Not his hair!

Determined to give him some follicle mayhem, I grabbed something called Hair Glue (awesome for spikes!) and mixed it with the Hawaiian Punch powder in my hand. Bright red hair paste finally did the trick! And a few more sprinkles of powder right onto his head.

 We were very pleased with the results! Jared said it looked like his head was on fire. And that's always a bonus when you're a seven-year-old boy.

I kept checkin' out his do in the rearview (hey, that rhymes!) and was struck by the cuteness I get to see every day. 

 And a few miles further, I was happy to finally have my camera with me to snap the view from the crest of our favorite hill on the way to Jared's school. I don't know what that mountain is called, but I love it!

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