Monday, May 23, 2011

Guest Room

I've wanted to have a guest room for a long time! An out-of-town friend coming for a visit was the perfect reason to spruce up one of our rooms for guests.

I got this large mirror for a buck at a yard sale. The dresser was given to me when I was in college. I just replaced the hardware with pulls I got years ago for $1 each at an awesome store in Phoenix.

The mirror fit exactly on top of the dresser! Then I got out some 50 cent mistint paint samples (they come in cute little plastic tubs at Lowe's) and painted the mirror to match the dresser. The dresser is pretty beat up, so I had to scuff up the mirror, too. I just set it on top. I loved the wreath I saw on a blog, hung over a mirror with a big ribbon, and thought I'd try it out.

 I'm particularly proud of this cute plate. It was only a quarter on clearance after Christmas. It's actually a charger. Then a razor blade and scraps of Contact paper, and viola!
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I have some more fun projects I did. Like a crepe paper rosette ball hung over the bed. So fun!

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