Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tonka in the Milk

I found this dump truck face-first in someone's cereal bowl one morning. It's just a silly little snapshot, but it means so much more! And I absolutely love this picture.

I'm sure the writing on the page is hard to read, so here it is:
Three boys in the house means:
throwing, sirens, potty talk, construction equipment, boogers, guns, grossness, trucks, computers, wrestling,
destruction, running, hitting, hugs and kisses, fighting, messes, broken toys, racing up the stairs, the love of tools, little cars, paper airplanes, burps, taking everything apart and coming up with outrageous ideas.
Yes, being the mom of three boys means a whole lot of things, and this picture just about sums it up!

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Kat said...

Susie, I love your blog. :) You are seriously so talented and I am amazed at how you do it all. I love the Tonka truck picture.