Monday, August 22, 2011

Sting Operation

The boys and I went outside to enjoy the summer weather. Well, they were going to enjoy summer. I was going to mow the lawn. The boys were excited that the side gate was open, since it isn't usually. I went back inside to grab my sunglasses, when Zach ran in saying that a wasp had stung him!

I couldn't see anything on his leg, but got him an "owwie pack" (my sister's ingenious invention of keeping ketchup packets in the fridge to use as tiny ice packs for boo-boos) to put on it while I googled first aid tips. Then just a minute later, Luke came in, crying, and wanted me to kiss his hand. He doesn't say much yet, but he pointed to his hand and said, "bee." Well, I didn't know he knew what a bee is, so I didn't know he was telling me he'd been stung, too! A minute or two later, his hand was all swollen, so I knew the truth. Poor thing!

I told the boys to stay inside while I looked for some wasp spray. I couldn't find it (I'm not even sure we have any left) so I pushed the lawn mower through the side yard so I could mow the back lawn. Apparently, the side yard is where all the wasps have been hanging out! The mower and I made it through unscathed, and I started mowing. But the boys didn't stay in the house. All three of them showed up in the side yard! I told them to go back inside. Good ol' Jared obeyed me at once. Luke just stood there, uncertain. Zach looked at me and walked right through the side yard toward me, the stinker! And then, of course, Luke followed Zach, slowly.

I ran and snatched Luke from the danger, but as I turned to run away, my ankle exploded with pain. Now I know why my boys were crying! Man, it hurts! I got two stings, but at least Luke didn't get any more!

Stupid wasps! And now I don't have time to finish mowing the lawn!

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