Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two Check-Ups

Luke's birthday is just about half-way through the year from Zachary's. Close enough to double up on their well visits to the pediatrician, anyway. So Zachary had his 6 year check-up, and Luke had his 2 1/2 year check-up yesterday.

Zach started off with a cool pirate eye patch so he could do his vision test. Luke was a little jealous, poor guy. Zach weighs 56 pounds and is 48 inches tall. As his pediatrician commented, "He's a big boy!" He says that every time, actually. But I thought it odd that he's so heavy and not a little taller He's right on the 90th percentile for both height and weight, but he's usually above 97th for height and only 85th for weight.

Luke weighs 33 pounds and is 36 inches tall, which is 80th percentile for weight and 70th for height. That's really weird to me, too, since he's usually 90th for height and 75th for weight. Especially when my skinny little boys are standing there in their skivvies and showing off their ribs, I don't understand how their weight percentiles can be higher than their height percentiles. The only thing I can think of is that their insides are made of concrete. Okay, not really, but I picked up an almost 3-year old the other day, who is quite a bit taller than Luke, but who does not look as skinny and lanky as he does, and she felt like a feather. 

The assistant left robes for the boys to change into, but they only lasted a few minutes before complaints of itchiness ensued. Then the boys started zooming around the exam room as though it were a bouncy house. They didn't slow down too much when the doctor came in, either. I thought it was quite funny how the doctor didn't do some of the usual tests on Zach because, "Everything else I need to know, I've seen him do already" as he jumped, spun, and rolled around the exam room.

But it was really cute when the doctor asked both boys to sit on the exam table. As he looked into Luke's eyes with the little light, Luke gave him this mischievous look, as if to say, "You're really funny. What are we going to do next? I hope it's something naughty!" Then the doctor looked in their ears and declared that Luke had Superman in one ear and a potato in the other. The boys squealed with delight!

The doctor asked Luke if he'd lay down on the table, which he did with his usual happy grin. The doctor commented, "He's always so good! Most kids this age are afraid of me." I think Luke would be much more mellow all around if he didn't want to copy everything that crazy Zach does.

Zach laughed sooo hard during his exam. His laughter is infectious, too, so no one could help but smile as he tried very hard to hold still so the doctor could poke and prod him. Then he got checked for scoliosis.

There's nothing interesting to report, which is always a good thing after doctor's visits. The only thing not great is that I need to take Luke to a dermatologist to check out a large brown spot (sort of like a mole) on his head. You can't even see it because I keep his hair longish, but a missionary cut would expose it and its patch of black hair. Yeah, that really stands out against his light blonde tresses!

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