Tuesday, October 16, 2012

PediaSure: Crack for Toddlers?

We took Zach to get some fillings done this morning, and the dentist wanted to take a look at Luke's tooth again. It looked and smelled so gross to me! I told him that it smelled, for lack of a better word, like a "wound." Do you know what a wound smells like? Maybe yes, maybe no. It's not a common thing to mention when it comes to odors.
Anyway, the dentist agreed. He said the lump of white was the exposed nerve, trying to heal itself. He said that wounds in the mouth look very strange because they never dry up and scab over. And the smell, he said, was the smell of healing. A healing wound.

Of course, the plan was to just yank the whole thing out, so it didn't matter, anyway.

While there, the dentist informed me that he'd rescheduled the surgery from 4:00 to 2:00. I needed to check Luke in at 1:30 or so.
We got Zach back to school just before 1:00. We had just a few minutes before we had to turn around and go right back to the same building, different floor.

Heading off to the surgery.
The "before" shot, right as the nurse came in to take my baby!
I wasn't allowed to go with him, even though it was only supposed to take a few minutes.
Five minutes later, that dang tooth was out. He did a good job cracking it, didn't he?
I love this little case they gave him to keep his tooth in, especially helpful for the Tooth Fairy, since it's all in pieces.

About 20 minutes after they took him back, he was back in my arms, groggy and clingy, but fairly happy.

That didn't last too long. He whined and whimpered to go home, but when we got to the car, he started crying.
The scab on his bottom lip was bugging him to no end, and despite my warning to leave it alone, he ripped it off in the car. Thankfully, he said it didn't hurt. He sure does look better without it!

His crying got more pitiful as we drove. He clung to my hand (which was twisted awkwardly behind me) and cried out, "I want YOU Mom!"
I planned to cuddle up with him in my bed and help him sleep it off. But I figured I should get some food down him first, since he'd had to fast since breakfast. I held the PediaSure bottle and tipped a bit into his poor little mouth...

And by the time half of it was down him, the craziness began!

Feeling much better now! 
Feeling okay!

Hey, check it out. There's a hole!

Feeling BETTER than okay! 
Crying to crazy in 2 minutes flat.
And it lasted for hours.

The big brothers had gone home from school with friends. We took the wagon to collect them.
One of the moms made us dinner, which really smoothed out a stressful day.
She made taco soup.
Jared ate two big bowls.
Luke ate five...FIVE small bowls.
They snarfed it down.
Zach wouldn't touch it.
But I still need the recipe.

Then there was much brotherly companionship spread among the three. Secret hideouts were visited (behind trees, in the dirt), items were thrown from the balcony (Luke got a helium balloon, so it was of course tied to said objects to see how much weight it could lift), twinkle lights were installed (with autumn garlands by me, and on our live ficus tree by Jared--his idea) and hunger repeatedly declared (despite 5 bowls of taco soup). We ate ice cream in the lovely autumn evening weather on our patio, with lights twinkling around the railing.

Gratefully, bedtime finally arrived.

Don't let his restful, bedtime pose fool you.  

After tucking his tooth under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy...
(who is not used to visiting two-year olds!)

...and posing for some cute sleepy-looking pictures...

...and being as cute as he could possibly be...
(Jared says he's even CUTER with a missing tooth!)

...he stayed up until 11:00 pm and didn't even sleep in his own bed.
He couldn't help it. He was still high as a kite. So we'll just look at these cute pictures and pretend he acted as adorable as he looks!

Phew! Another ordeal is over. It wasn't dangerous, but there was pain and crying, and lots of driving and planning involved, so it counts as an ordeal. And the prescription. Can't forget that. I mean literally. He has to finish his antibiotics so we don't create some super-bug that resists Amoxicillin.

Yeah. Ordeal. Definitely.
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