Saturday, October 05, 2013

General Conference Weekend.

There's a chill in the air and the leaves are beginning to change. And I am so grateful to have my boys this weekend for General Conference!
That is definitely a blessing, but it sure comes with its challenges. They have too much energy!

We've tried Conference packets and games before, and they haven't really cared much about them. But as I printed some off today, they seemed to think there was magic coming out of the printer. They were enthralled! And they colored those little ties with gusto. Unfortunately, they didn't actually listen to what the people in the ties were saying. But maybe I expect too much :)

We always bake orange rolls from a can for General Conference. It's the easy way out of making a tradition, I know. But I've felt a great relief the past few years that it's so easy!

I actually felt up to jazzing things up a bit today, though, especially since it is still pretty easy. I made up some bread-machine mixes last week, so I had Jared measure out the wet ingredients and dump in the mix, and then, for the second time in my life, I set it to "dough."

Then came the fun part. Sadly, I couldn't remember if I even had a rolling pin. But my super-finder, Luke, knew right where it was! He's so observant, he often tells me where lost things are.

And of course, each boy had to have a turn.

And of course, they had a flour fight when I wasn't looking.

I amazed them by passing on my mom's trick of slicing the rolls with string. They each had a try at that, too.

My mom's cinnamon rolls were to die for, and something we always looked forward to. She made them with part whole wheat flour, and drizzled a light glaze on them, and to this day, I can't stand grocery store cinnamon rolls. They're as unsubstantial as Wonderbread and you can hardly taste anything under the inch of frosting.

So I'm glad to finally share this with my boys. The problem is that they're baking right now, and my boys are still awake in their General Conference Forts (a new tradition that we invented last year). They're never going to go to sleep with such yummy smells enticing them to claim starvation!
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