Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Page

This was kind of a fun page because I don't often only have one photo. But I literally only have this photo of me from 1981, except for a newspaper clipping. There's nothing to really write about it, either, it was just sort of a yearly portrait.

It was hard to scrap, though, because of the colors. Check out my mauve velvet vest over a cream blouse! Cute, but very '80's. And the Kmart photos always fade to red, for some reason.

I couldn't believe it when I finally got around to organizing all the scrapbooking downloads, and found DSP's free birthday kit for this year. It has a mauve background! It looks totally retro when I put the kit with my picture, even though it's not really meant to be.

And since the page I uploaded for Round 3 of the DET contest uses photos of a person who's not in my family, I decided to swap out the papers and photos and use the same layout again!

That was easy!