Friday, November 20, 2009

Lucky, Lucky Us!

I just found out that the age restriction for hospital visitors was lifted THIS MORNING! That means Jared and Zach will be able to meet their baby brother and come visit me!

The age restriction was to prevent the Swine Flu from spreading, so I really didn't think that they'd lift it until March or so. I'm so excited!

I just told the boys. Jared said, "Wow!" But Zach's reaction was a surprise. He started rubbing my belly and said, "I love this baby."


Melanie and Monkeys said...

Yeah! I think it is so important to meet the baby brother for bonding in the hospital. So cute. I can't wait for you.

The Wright Spot said...

That is always so fun when your kids come to the hospital and meet their new sibling! I am so excited for you! Three is a big number, but it is amazing how quickly they fit into the family!