Thursday, November 19, 2009

One Week!

Just one more week until my parents come! They're flying in on Thanksgiving. We're so excited to see them again!

I had my second-to-last doctor's appointment today. It was supposed to be Tuesday, but my doctor went home sick. I couldn't see him today, but I saw the same doctor who kept an eye on me when I had the reaction to the H1N1 vaccine a few weeks ago.

My blood pressure is up 20 points on the bottom number, which concerned him. He said he'd be more worried if I'd had blood pressure problems with Jared or Zach, though. The nurse suggested that it was stress that raised my bp, but the doctor says that only really affects the top number. And my bp is actually normal, but I usually have low bp. He told me to lie down on my side any chance I had. That just makes me laugh! I've got so much to do!

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