Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Wish I Could Sit

I really wish that this aching back would let me sit at the computer, like after I fell last October. But it gets uncomfortable. So I'm not pumping out scrapbook pages and my other graphic projects like I wish I could be.

But I have pulled out cross-stitching again. That's been fun! And get this--Jared decided he wanted to try it! So we looked online and found kids' cross-stitching patterns and I found scraps of aida cloth and extra floss, so he's now working on cross-stitching a dinosaur. I have the coolest kid! And it's perfect for how his brain works. He was reading the pattern on his own in minutes.

Well, my back is hurting from sitting here too long, so back to the couch and the cross-stitch I go!

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The Wright Spot said...

I used to love cross-stitching when I was little. I have kind of forgotten about until this blog and want to try it out with Elizabeth tomorrow! I know she would love it because she is so crafty! Thanks for the idea for a fun winter activity! I hope that your back gets better soon. Having three kids, it is hard to stay down. Take it easy!