Monday, May 23, 2011

Pinewood Derby!

Jared's first Pinewood Derby was on March 10th. He wanted to make a HumVee! Ryan was very sophisticated and drew up the plans on his engineering software, then cut out the shape with my scroll saw. There wasn't much cutting to do, 'cause Hummers sure are boxy! We spray painted it forest green, then Jared hand-painted the camouflage pattern on it. I helped with the finer details, such as windows, doors, grill, tail lights, rivets, etc. It is pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves!

Jared sets his car on the race track.
Ready to race!
Away they go!

A special spot reserved for the racers. Jared was pleased with his car!
The home stretch.
And the camo Hummer comes in first!
 Of course, these are photos of lots and lots of different races. Jared's car had the lowest overall racing time, so he won first place!
Mom, this one's for you. The kids were all staring down at their trophies, so we said, "Look up!" And, as you can see, they really looked UP! (My mom has a photo of her little brother doing the same thing in a family photo. It's a classic!)

The winners! 1st through 4th for Tiger Cubs.

Jared with his First Place Tiger Cubs trophy.

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