Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

We spent Spring Break, and consequently Easter, with my friend Mandy in Burns, Oregon. The boys love going there!

All ready for church on Easter morning.

Two days before Easter, we tried baking the eggs, and tried dying them with Kool-Aid. Only three of those colors are Kool-Aid, but we liked it! It was fun to have red.

The boys arranged the dye cups like this.

"Ombre" eggs. I like how they turned out. I must try this again!

After church, we hunted for our eggs and Easter baskets. There were lots of trees to search in!

Run, Jared, run!!!

It took quite a bit to get his basket out of the tree.

"Easter lipstick!" You know you used to rub Robins Eggs on your lips, too.

We had to head home to Boise soon after finding our goodies. We had a fun week there, which you'll see pictures of in some posts to come soon!
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